About Gouldian Finch

Welcome to the website  GOULDIAN FINCH, a site of ornithological divulgation where you will find information about this domestic exotic bird. The Gouldian finch are increasingly popular because they can have at home, watch them and hear their song that does not bother.
In Gouldian finch site you detailed information on alien species that you can care for, raise and support at home.

Here you will find information on their characteristics, identification, natural habitat and how to care for them, with details of their environmental needs, requiring food, breeding and general maintenance.

Thanks to ornithology practiced by amateurs, it provides a large amount of data scientists. Ornithology helps develop key concepts in habits, songs, nesting, evolution and behavior of birds.
Before taking the plunge into the possession and breeding of these birds, it is important to follow a few basic steps, not only for the pleasure of contemplating them healthy and beautiful, but also to give them the best care. Their welfare depends on the effort you are willing to dedicate.


This site will help you,

Gouldian finch

¡...and enjoy without losing sight of the defense of nature!



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