Open windows

Summer is a time when extra dangers can arise for our birds, as there are various factors such as heat predisposing it.
In summer we usually ventilate the house much, so we have more tendency to open the windows. If we have a loose bird-house, a window is a flight risk, even being cut. We should be very cautious that our bird does not reach the windows we have open. Place mosquito netting is usually a good solution, because we can vent without risk of leaks or accidents.

Air currents

By having the windows and doors open, there is more risk of drafts and if our bird is exposed to them can suffer respiratory problems.


In summer there are more insects than in other seasons. We must take special care with bees and wasps, especially if our bird lives abroad. Wasp stings can be fatal, so it will scare them away or delete means. Other insects can be annoying mosquitoes and flies, which lay their eggs in wounds resulting in severe infestations of larvae.


Extreme heat and sun exposure can be fatal to our birds can suffer heat stroke, dehydration and death. Must be protected from direct sunlight and intense heat, always have fresh water available and receive regular baths to cool off.

Pools and other bodies of water

This is dangerous especially for cut birds that live or recreate in gardens. The bird can accidentally fall into the water either making a plan or trying to drink and if it is not taken immediately drowns in a few minutes.


The ceiling fans are very dangerous for birds in flight, as they can result in serious injuries and even death are achieved without them. Standing fans are only dangerous if the bird excess approach and enter the leg or beak between helices (somewhat less likely).

Air conditioners

In summer it is usual to put the air conditioning at full power, producing cooling and dry atmosphere in our birds can manifest as respiratory and skin disorders. A sudden temperature change (Remove the bird from the air-conditioned room with balcony with all the heat) could be counterproductive.

Water and food pollution

Due to the heat the proliferation of bacteria and fungi is faster, therefore is easier than fresh food (fruit and vegetables) and water contamination. Therefore, we must renew food and water frequently.

Gouldian Finch

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