What benefits the birds that feed on germinated seed?

Healthy birds have a natural resistance against diseases. A diet rich in nutrients that support the immune system and helps to have good health. By providing your birds superior nutrition with germinated seed, you help them to have a strong health, increase longevity and emotional well-being.

Germinated seeds have two qualities: They are living foods to the same time they are eaten and are full of vital energy, with a variety of nutrients that are not available in other foods.

What provided the seeds germinated?

The germination process creates and increases the presence of vitamins. Specifically, germinated seed exponentially increase the content of vitamins C, B1, B2, B5 and B6. The germinated seed also bring a lot of antioxidants and minerals are more easily combined with the protein, so that cause the body to assimilate and use them better.

In addition, the germinated seed are the most abundant source of enzymes available in raw foods, which facilitates digestion. The amounts of enzymes present in the sprouts may be 10 to 100 times greater than that offered by other fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, the germinated seed are important in the diet of our birds, especially in the breeding season.

To germinate the seeds, they must first put in a colander and wash under running water, then spread on a dry towel to remove moisture. Later can they are spread in damp paper towels or burlap over an extended glass or plastic trays. Containers should be in a room with indirect light and non-extreme temperature applications.

Daily we must moisten them several times with a spray and after a few days that we will buds and give our birds.

Another widespread technique among poultry farmers is to leave the seeds in the strainer and wash under running water several times a day to maintain moisture. The seeds should be covered with a damp cloth to prevent drying of seeds above. Additionally and in one of the washes can be added for special liquid antifungal Ornithology to avoid the presence of fungi.

Once our birds have already eaten germinated, it must be removed within a few hours, especially in warmer seasons, because heat facilitates the presence of fungi.

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