Feathers on the floor and the bottom of the cage? Do not be alarmed, it is a physiological process called molting birds.

It occurs at the time of more heat and plenty of food. The light and heat stimulate pituitary, thyroid acting on secreting a hormone that determines the start of molting.

Moulting birds is change feathers. Old feathers fall out and are replaced by new ones. The appearance of the feathers is a sign of the health of the bird. A correct move gives way to a healthy and bright plumage.

How molting is done?

Most birds molt once a year, but in some cases twice a year or once every two years, depending on species.

In general, the weight of plumage represents between 3% and 10% of the total weight of the bird, although this percentage may vary species. He thinks that the hummingbird has fewer than 1,000 feathers, while the swan has more than 25,000 feathers.

The moult is progressive, that is, no feathers fall all at once, but leave the unprotected from the cold and bird can not fly. Usually follows a certain pattern or chronology, beginning with the feathers of the wings, then the body and finally the tail, as follows:

  • Stage 1.- The primary flight feathers fall one by one. When the above is developed by 75% next fall, this does not lose the ability to fly.
  • Stage 2.- When the third rower falls pummeled from the tail feathers tail feathers, starting with the external and symmetrically.
  • Stage 3.- After seventh shirt ed pen, massively fall coverts chest feathers back and head. This is the most critical time for what the state bird must be optimal by providing vitamins and amino acids.

The moult never stops unpopulated areas of feathers on the bird.

The feathers are formed in a high percentage of protein, so we must increase the supply of protein in their diet. If the bird does not receive an adequate diet during moulting, feather quality will not be optimal.

What diet should I give my bird moulting?

We must enrich their diet with vegetables and fruits, vitamin supplements and amino acids. germinated sprouts, boiled egg and soy are good contributions of protein in your diet.

If the bird does not have a balanced diet, molting can be poor and incomplete and will dull plumage and feathers have bad.

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