Gouldian Finch Identification


Gouldian finch measures 11 centimeters in length without adding tail feathers. If we add the total length is between 12.5 and 14 cm. Females have these less developed tail feathers, or lack of them.
It is a bird with a striking, bright plumage in both sexes, but males are much more colored.
There are three color variations that differ in color head: Red head, orange head y black head, the latter being the most common variety in their habitat (the proportion of black head and orange head is 3: 1).

Adult male

Faced with the crown, face, chin and upper throat:
a.- In the black head are jet black.
b.- In the red head are bright red except the chin and throat are black.
c.- In the orange head are yellow or orange-yellow, except the chin and throat they are black.

At the rear crown, sides of the neck to the sides of the throat and lower part of the throat has a turquoise trim; the neck is green or pale green.

The mantle, back, scapulars and upper rump is green grass fading to paler until a turquoise tone in the lower part of the hip and upper tail coats. Long tail and a pair of central black feathers with long thin spikes protruding. All wing coverts are gray or gray-brown, but most coverts, secondary and tertiary superimposed on the long scapulars green grass or green. The edges of the primaries are finely yellow or green. Chin (and top of the throat) black; a band of turquoise (almost invisible) through the throat above a large stain and almost circular or oval purple (in the specimens is pinkish red head and slightly tinged with purple) in chest.

The lower chest, flanks and belly are yellow (bright on lower chest). Cloaca, thighs and under tail coverts is white. Legs and feet light yellow or pale straw.


Adult female

The Gouldian finch female is similar in plumage the male (in each corresponding color variety), but generally much duller, with less glare and lack the intensity of male.
In the specimens female head red head and orange, black is wider on the sides of the chin and throat; It is also much more pale or discolored underparts. It lacks long central tail feathers, but has a shorter central projection beyond other tail feathers.



The head and face of the Gouldian finch juvenile is gray, tinged with olive on the neck and sides of the neck.
The mantle, back and scapulars are a dull olive green. Rump and upper tail coverts are of a pale green-gray. The wings and tail are greenish. They have a very short tail. The flanks and the upper belly is yellowish; the lower abdomen and coverts are white.



A unique"SIT" o "SSIT" is the call of regular contact between Gouldian finch, often given as a short series of notes, sometimes pronounced like an endless "SREE" or "SREET"; the sound alarm is similar but more acute "SET-SET"; the youngs can give a note "DYIT".
The song of the Gouldian finch is a continuous almost inaudible series of high-pitched whispers, whistles and / or low sounds.


Male singing

Male calling

Female calling

Breedings calling

Gouldian Finch Identification

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