Taxonomy Gouldian Finch


The Gouldian Finch is classified in the order of the passerines. It is one of the 22 species of the genus Erythrura and this in turn belongs to the family of the Estrildidae belongs, with more than 141 species. This is their classification within the kingdom of animals:

KINGDOM: Animalia (~1.454.000 species).
  PHYLUM: Chordata (~64.000 species).
        CLASS: Aves (~10.000 species).
                ORDER: Passeriformes (~6.399 species).
                        FAMILY: Estrildidae (~141 species).
                                  GENUS: Erythrura (22 species).
                                               SPECIES: Erythrura gouldiae.

Chloebia gouldiae gouldiae.

In addition to the Gouldian FInch, also they belong to the genus Erythrura the following species, very common among amateur domestic breeding of exotic birds:
- Red-throated parrotfinch (Erythrura psittacea) distributed by Australia, Caroline Islands, Moluccas Islands and part of New Guinea.
- Pin-tailed parrotfinch (Erythrura prasina) distributed by Southeast Asia, predominantly in Indonesia.
- Blue-faced parrotfinch (Erythrura trichroa) distributed by Indonesia and northern Australia.



The name that is known to Gouldian Finchin different languages is as follows:

German: Gouldamadine.
Danish: Gouldsamadine.
Spanish: Diamante de Gould.
French: Diamant de Gould.
Dutch: Gouldamadine.
English: Gouldian Finch, Rainbow Finch, Lady Gould's Amadine.
English (USA): Lady Gould.
Italian: Diamante di Gould

Taxonomy Gouldian Finch

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