Feeding Gouldian Finch

Feeding the Gouldian finch is simple and should be varied.

Their diet is based mainly on seeds. According to its annual cycle time will give eggfood, insects, minerals and vitamin supplements.

Annual cycle of the diet of Gouldian finch

The annual cycle of the diet of the Gouldian finch can be divided into four different phases:

  • • Resting season.
  • • Preparation for breeding.
  • • Breeding season.
  • • Moulting season.


Diet for resting season (3 months approximately)

In resting season fat intake should be reduced by the low physical activity.
The diet consists of mixed seed eggfood, sunflower oil, grit and calcium.
A good mix of seeds would be: 60-65% Canary Seed and 30-35% Millet.
This diet should have the following percentages of basic nutrients:
Protein: 12,5% - 13,5%
Carbohydrates: 50% - 60%
Greases: 7% - 8%

Diet for the preparation for breeding (1 month approximately)

In the preparation for breeding we must simulate the limited nutritional resources that occur between September and October, causing the cessation of hormones and reducing excess fat accumulated.
The diet consists only of seed mix.
The combination of seeds as the percentages of basic nutrients are similar to the resting season.

Diet for breeding season (6 months approximately)

In the breeding season we offer a rich and varied diet, just as happens in the wet season habitat Gouldian finch, in which the sudden burst of nutritional resources begins. This, together with increasing daylight hours, cause hormonal activation.
Should increase protein intake and reduce fat intake.
The diet consists of mixed seed, eggfooda, sunflower oil, grit and calcium.
A good mix of seeds would be: 70-75% Canary Seed 20-25% Millet and 5% Niger.
This diet should have the following percentages of basic nutrients:
Protein: 16 - 18,5 %
Carbohydrates: 40 - 45 %
Greases: 6 - 8 %

Diet for molting season (2 months approximately)

In molting season we must increase the protein and fat intake for moulting is done properly and result in a good and bright plumage.
The diet consists of mixed seed, eggfood, grit and calcium.
A good mix of seeds would be: 60-65 % Canary Seed and 30-35% Millet and 5-10% Niger.
This diet should have the following percentages of basic nutrients:
Protein: 14,5 - 15,5 %
Carbohydrates: 45 - 50 %
Greases: 8 - 10 %



The seeds most commonly used for Gouldian finch are the canary grass, millet in its different varieties, foxtail millet and niger.

Each has the following nutritional characteristics:

Seeds Protein Carbohydrates Greases
Canary grass 16,0 % 49 % 6,5 %
Millet 12,5 % 60 % 4,0 %
Foxtail Millet 14,0 % 56 % 5,0 %
Niger 23,0 % 17 % 40,0 %


Here you have a table of nutritional guidance percentages for each time of the annual cycle diet Gouldian finch:

Season Protein Carbohydrates Greases
Resting 12,5 - 13,5 % 50 - 60 % 7 - 8 %
Breeding 16 - 18,5 % 40 - 45 % 6 - 8 %
Molting 14,5 - 15,5 % 45 - 50 % 8 - 10 %


Depending on nutritional values of each seed and the epoch of the annual cycle diet Gouldian finch, we change the mix properly. Then you have a calculator that can help in the calculations:

Mixture % Protein % Carbohydrates % Greases


There are breeders who only offer Canary seed and Millet and extreme cases that offer only Canary seed. In both cases the nutritional contribution is quite balanced if properly eggfood, minerals and supplements is provided in the times of the annual cycle.


In the breeding season it is recommended to increase protein intake to 25% of the total diet. This we can achieve by providing daily eggfood and food of animal origin (e.g. whey, casein, dehydrated insects, etc.)

There are different types of eggfood marketed, there is no set, except recommendation with a base of dehydrated egg. Commercial eggfood are balanced and include vitamins, supplements and other appropriate elements for good health of the Gouldian finch.


Throughout the year the Gouldian finch will have available grit (sand grains) that help you in the process of digesting food and cuttlebone that provide the calcium needed for development and for the formation of the eggshell.

Vitamins and other supplements

Pre-breeding and breeding season it is advisable weekly contribution AD3E complex in females and vitamin E in males.

Moulting season is recommended weekly intake of vitamin B.

It is advisable to administer a weekly PH regulator and a liver protector.

All these supplements should be added or drinking water or eggfood, depending on its presentation.

Natural supplements:

• Artichoke extract powder is a good liver protector.

• Apple cider vinegar can be used as PH reducer in the drinking water.
To guide (in 80 ml. of water): 48 drops to treat, 32 drops to prevent and 16 drops to continued use

• Spirulina strengthens the immune system, is very rich in vitamins, improves fertility and provides a good plumage.
5-15 g. per kg of eggfood

• Garlic in the drinking water is a good antiseptic and natural antibiotic.
A clove of garlic in water for several days a month.

• The whey powder contains more than 90% protein. It is a very good supplement during the breeding season because it will help to reach 25% of proteins required in the daily diet of small Gouldian finch.


Gouldian finch depend on water to survive as it is a vital element for metabolic processes and to avoid dehydration.
The water supply you must be poor in minerals, impurities and should not have chemicals.
Tap water is the most comfortable that we can give the Gouldian finch.

Feeding Gouldian Finch

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