Accommodation Gouldian Finch

The Gouldian finchcan be indoor or outdoor aviary and breeding season can be breeding cages. A small space does not encourage them to move and consequently have problems with constipation or fattening.
These birds love the sun and high temperatures are more active.
Gouldian finch are very sensitive to changes. Once they are acclimated, they should not be changed in the site or change site perches and waterers since they can disrupt unnecessarily. Try to keep a routine cleaning. Some breeder, entering the room warns his presence silbándoles gently. This makes them used to their presence.
There are three elements that are essential in your accommodation: Temperature, humidity and light.


The temperature is the most important. Normal environment should be around 20-25 ° C the day.
For the breeding season is recommended a temperature above lake and for moulting the temperature should ranging between 27-29 ° C.
The indicated temperature levels are recommended for optimal accommodation of Gouldian finch. Generally it is not recommended to them temperatures below 19 ° C.


Humidity is important in the breeding season. A minimum of 55-60% should be maintained.
For a temperature of 21-25 ° C, the minimum humidity must be between 55-65%.


It is important that you have enough light especially in breeding season.The Gouldian finch are sun lovers. If you are indoors breeding aviaries or cages, we must supply the appropriate hours of light, which should not be less than 12 hours repose period. In breeding season it should be gradually increased, as described in the sections "Breeding Gouldian" and "The importance of light".

Accommodation Gouldian Finch

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