Videos of Gouldian finchs

We present a collection of videos that teach Gouldian finch their customs, their offspring, courtship, food, aviary and various aspects of everyday life of the Gouldian finch.

In these videos you will see some interesting details that are of interest to anyone who starts in the breeding and maintenance of Gouldian finch.

You can watch them full screen. Do not miss it!

Gouldian finch of a few days

Inspecting the fertility of Gouldian finch eggs

Gouldian finch taking bath

Gouldian finch eating at the branch

Two Gouldian eating

Several Gouldian finch eating

Giving food breeding Gouldian finch

Small Gouldian finch eating

Birth Gouldian finch

Gouldian finch eating millet

Gouldian finch varied

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Videos of Gouldian finchs

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